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SECalcs can provide structural schemes to suit your needs. This may be as simple as wall or refurbishment of an existing building, loft conversion, extension, basement or a complete multi-storey structure. 

Almost every project has a requirement for structural engineering input. Whether you building new or refurbishing then there needs to be structural elements to support the building and ensure it can resist the applied loading such as self-weight, wind and snow.

A structural engineer will provide a design for the proposed works. This will be based on an assessment of the existing building and how the additional works may affect the structural performance. 

We specialise in refurbishments including extensions and basements and all our designs comply with building regulations.

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We offer a complete range of structural engineering consultancy services to guide your project from start to finish. As a Practice that prides itself on its friendly, innovative and transparent approach we are able to work as part of any team, delivering solutions and maximising value with creative thinking on all projects.
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Our aim is to provide sound and economical structural engineering designs.

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