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The “Company” refers to Structural Engineer Calcs, a UK-based company specialising in providing structural engineering services.

  1. The “Consultant” refers to the specific structural engineer responsible for the work.
  2. The “Client” refers to the person or organisation that requests the work and accepts the quote, subject to these terms and conditions.
  3. The “Scope of works” refers to the specific consultancy services to be provided by the company as detailed on the quote.
  4. The “Site” refers to the address of the property to which the work pertains.
  5. The “Agreement” refers to these terms and conditions.


Consultant’s Obligations

  1. The consultant shall provide the services detailed in the quote and exercise reasonable skill and care in the performance of the services. This includes, but is not limited to, structural calculations and drawings, steel/RSJ beam design, foundation design, load-bearing wall removal, home renovations and extensions, loft conversions, retaining walls, and new builds.
  2. The consultant shall use reasonable endeavours to perform the services in accordance with any timeframe set out in the quote.
  3. The consultant shall inform the client if he considers any change or instruction from the client as outside the scope of work in the quote, thereby changing the programme and level of fees.


Client’s Obligations

  1. The client shall pay the company for the performance of the services detailed in the quote.
  2. The client shall supply the consultant with all necessary and relevant data and information in its possession or in the possession of any of its contractors or other professional advisors and all instructions, decisions, consents or approvals in good time to avoid delay to the performance of the scope of work.
  3. The client shall make an additional payment to the company if there has been a change in instruction impacting the scope of works, as in section 2.3.



  1. On receipt of an invoice, the client agrees to promptly pay the full amount specified via the methods detailed on the invoice.
  2. The consultant will not release the work until payment is received in full.
  3. The final date for payment shall be 30 days from the due date specified in the invoice.


Documentation, Copyright and Confidentiality

  1. All documents related to the scope of works detailed in the accepted quote will be issued electronically via email to the address provided.
  2. Services provided will be in a format suitable for Building Regulations but will include indicative drawings to convey design intent only, not full construction drawings.
  3. The copyright in all drawings and other documents (including material in electronic form) provided by the consultant to the client remains vested in the consultant. The client shall have a licence to copy and use such material for the purposes for which they were provided, and the consultant shall not be liable for their use by any person for any purpose other than for which they were provided.


Liability and Insurance

  1. The liability of the company is limited to the design of the specific elements required and agreed in the quote and the company cannot be held responsible for other elements of the structure.
  2. The company shall maintain public liability and professional indemnity insurance for the length of time sufficient to cover the company’s liabilities under this agreement provided that in either case such insurance is available on reasonable terms and at reasonable commercial rates.



The client may terminate the appointment of the company in the event of a breach of this agreement, or if the company becomes insolvent, by giving two weeks’ notice and the company may terminate this agreement in the same manner if the same circumstances arise in relation to the client. In the event of such termination, the client shall pay the company a just and reasonable amount for the services performed up to the date of termination, including any outstanding expenses.

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