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Are you looking for a position that allows you to use your creativity? Do you want to work for a company that values your ideas and input? If so, Secalcs Ltd is the place for you.

We are always looking for talented and ambitious individuals to join our team. We offer a collaborative and supportive environment where your ideas will be heard and valued. If you’re looking for a challenge and an opportunity to grow, SECalcs Ltd is the place for you.

SECalcs’s success is a direct result of the talent and creativity of our team; therefore, we are always looking to employ top-notch engineering professionals. We employ engineers and technicians whose skills are among the best in the industry.

Our experience has shown that when our clients’ expectations are managed and communicated effectively from the outset, they are almost always exceeded. We believe that it is our people that make the difference; SECalcs invest heavily in their development, both professionally and personally.

A career as a structural engineer can be both rewarding and challenging. At SECalcs, we are committed to the principles of equality and equal opportunities. We provide a flexible office environment that allows our employees to customize their workday to fit their needs. If you think you could contribute to our team, and would benefit from joining us, then please send your CV to

Joining our team is like putting on a comfortable pair of shoes. You may not know how they will feel at first, but after a while, you’ll be glad you made the decision.

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