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Reinforced Concrete Beam Design

At SECalcs, we specialize in providing a comprehensive range of structural engineering services, including the design of reinforced concrete beams. Our expertise extends to both residential and commercial construction, where reinforced concrete beams are a crucial component, utilized both above and below ground level.

Why Choose Reinforced Concrete Beam?

Reinforced concrete beams are renowned for their strength, versatility, and fire resistance. Their ability to be cast into almost any shape makes them an ideal choice for creating unique architectural features. When you choose SECalcs, you’re opting for a service that understands the intricacies of working with such a robust and adaptable material.

Reinforced Concrete Beam

Existing Beam Analysis

In addition to designing new beams, we also offer services to analyze existing beams. To do this, we require specific details such as the size of the beam and the details of the reinforcement. This service allows us to provide you with a thorough and accurate assessment of your current structure.

Bending Schedule Provision

At SECalcs, we understand that every detail matters when it comes to structural engineering. That’s why we also provide a bending schedule for the steel reinforcement, ensuring that every aspect of your project is meticulously planned and executed.

Compliance and Approval

Reinforced Concrete Beam

All designs created by SECalcs are carried out in accordance with BS 8110 standards. We ensure that our calculations are suitable for Building Regulation approval, giving you peace of mind that your project meets all necessary criteria.

What We Need for a Reinforced Concrete Beam Design

To deliver a top-notch reinforced concrete beam design, we require:

Reinforced Concrete Beam


Architectural Layouts

These layouts help us determine the load-bearing capacity of the beam, a crucial aspect of any structural design.


Construction Details

We need to know the specifics of your construction, such as the type of supporting walls (brick or block) and floors (concrete or timber).


Beam Depth Restrictions

Any restrictions on the maximum depth of the beam need to be communicated to us. This information helps us design a beam that fits perfectly within your project’s parameters.

Trust SECalcs for Your Reinforced Concrete Beam Design

Choose SECalcs for your structural engineering needs. Our commitment to quality, precision, and customer satisfaction sets us apart in the industry. Contact us today to learn more about our reinforced concrete beam design services.

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