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How much does a structural engineer cost?

You may require the help of a structural engineer to assess properly how viable the project you are undertaking, whether a significant conversion, altering the layout of your property or renovation.

In addition, to determine if the changes are possible, what materials will be required, and how to ensure the building is safe and sound structurally, an Engineer is certainly needed.

Based on the scope of work and the size of the property, the overall price of taking on an engineer will be identified.

Typical reasons for hiring a structural engineer to include evaluating the integrity of the property, producing a report of how safe a property is or making your refurbishment safe, especially if the work involves removing fundamental parts of buildings such as walls, columns, knocking through entrance or making new areas such as basements.

The engineer can guide on how to demolish safely whole properties, or specific parts of building, advice on all the subsequent building work. Therefore, whatever kind of property you’re planning to build, ensure you consult with a professional engineer throughout.

Structural engineers work on all kinds of residential and commercial projects.

How much does a structural engineer cost?

Between £35 to £90 per hour or £300 – £2,200 per project is usually what structural engineers tend to charge for their services. The scale of the whole project will play a large part in the overall costs.

Structural engineer’s fees are totally different based on if they are part of a company, or they work individually, the smaller the company the lower the fees. Expect to pay anywhere between £35 – £90 per hour and £400 -£800 per week. Many companies also work on a fixed rate.

Even if different companies offer distinctive kinds of price plans, ensure your final structural report price is included in the quoted figure – if not you’ll be at risk to pay extra for a proof of safety document as soon as the building work is all finished.

If you want the best deal possible on your potential project fees, make sure you check out Structural Engineer Calcs Ltd.

Important things to bear in mind, never begin your project before a full approval, budget carefully, undertake some research about the potential Engineer you will hire, and obtain several quotations to find the best deal.

Case study: domestic extension design project (with fees)

A couple live in a terraced house and want to extend their home to create an open plan. They also want to build an additional bedroom above the extension, which it will lead to expanding the roof.

They appoint an architect and builder. The architect will prepare the drawings. Both builder and architect agree that the client also needs to appoint a Structural Engineer as their backside requires knocking down and installing steel beams as well as supporting the loads of the structure above.

They also need to check the foundation, whether it would sustain the applied load induced by a new bedroom and roof. Therefore, a Structural Engineer is nominated to discuss the proposed layouts with the client and the architect before preparing a set of calculations.

The engineer is from a medium-sized company. Accordingly, they wouldn’t charge very expensive fees plus the project is straightforward. The client wouldn’t expect high fees. They require a set of calculations with drawing notes for the local authority.

The Structural Engineer cost was as follows:

Initial site visit: £350
Drawings and calculations: £2,200
Sub-total: £2,550
Value Added Tax-VAT: £510

Total: £3,060

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