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timber design

New roof truss timber design may be needed for a number of reasons. They either may be a replacement for an existing roof truss or they may either form part of a new roof..

Our roof truss design covers any type of truss, even nonstandard types.

In order to design a new roof trusses w need the following information:

The length of the building (at right angles to the trusses).

The type of roof covering (e.g., slate or concrete tiles).

The span and centres of the trusses.

The height of the ridge above ceiling level.

The position and span of any purlins.

Existing Timber floors check:

Based upon our structural calculations to assess the loading capacity of a timber floor, we will know if the floor is sufficient enough to carry the load applied. We will inform you in either case if the floor capacity is deemed satisfactory or strengthening is required. We will also provide you with necessary calculations to strengthen the floor if the floor is found to be inadequate.

We need the following information to check the loading capacity of a timber floor:

The centres of the floor joists.

The size and span of the floor joists.

Details of  any partition walls the joists have to support

Timber beam:

We need the following information to design a timber beam:

The span of the beam.

The length of the joists spanning onto the beam.

The details of the floor construction.

Timber post design:

We need the following information to design a timber post:

Architectural layouts or sketch drawings with dimensions.

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