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Load bearing wall removals

If you require to build an extension, remove an unsightly structure or modify your home to have a large opening floor plan you may need to remove load bearing walls.

 Load bearing walls are active part of your properties structural integrity and need to be assessed by a structural engineer before being removed. These walls help support the weight of the building through what may be other walls, floors or roofing elements that can be essential to the property’s stability.

Exterior property walls are load bearing and if an extension has been built onto the building already, what may appear to be an internal wall could still be load bearing.

One of our qualified structural engineers would analyse the wall and determine whether or not the wall is load bearing. If the wall needs to be removed the necessary calculations would be conducted and the correct size replacement beam would be designed to ensure the safety and stability of the property.

Do I need a Structural Engineer to Remove a Load Bearing Wall?

Load bearing wall removal requires a structural engineer to design an alternative way to offer support and maintain the buildings integrity. To ensure the weight being carried by the wall is safely re-distributed, the engineer may specify a timber or steel beam, an RSJ or concrete lintel.

Building Control will usually require you to have a structural engineer specify a suitable RSJ, beam or lintel. This should be done before getting quotes from builders to avoid any additional costs later on.

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