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Portal frame connections:

Normally steel portal frame connections are designed by the fabricator. However, we would design the connections if you provide us with the connection forces for each joint.

The number of designs required will be calculated on the number of different joints. For example, presume all the frames are all the same, there is normally only one design required for all the eaves joints, and one design needed for all the ridge joints.

We need the following information to design portal frame connections:

The connection forces for each joint that needs designing (axial load, shear force and bending moment).

Section sizes of the members to be connected.

Splice connection:

Bolted Splice connections are the quickest and easiest way for steel beams to be joined on site in quality assured manner. Reducing long beams into shorter and more manageable sections is often necessary for ease of transport, safe handling or to facilitate installation. 

The size and thickness of steel plates, grade, diameter and quantity of bolts and weld specification vary depending on beam size and applied loads. Therefore, it is important splices are designed to suit each application.

We will design your splice connection to suit your exact beam size and loading requirements.

We need the following information to design steel beam splices:

The span of the beam.

The section size of the beam.

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